In a medical world "gone mad". . . where every conceivable party, from the federal government to insurance company clerks, have invaded the physician-patient relationship, something very important has gotten lost in the rush of today's health care shuffle. That something is TRUST. Some patients today have good reason to wonder . . .

  • whether their physician has taken the time necessary to thoroughly evaluate their problem and educate them adequately about it, including a review of all available treatment options?

  • whether their physician’s treatment recommendations have been influenced by worries over "economic credentialing" or insurance company "de-selection", and thus loss of revenue from a managed care plan?

  • whether their surgeon’s hands will be the ones actually performing the work while they are under anesthesia, vs.getting a head start on the next case in another operating room while the assistant carries on?

We realized that there was something fundamentally wrong with our nation’s medical care system when such questions changed from fanciful patient paranoia to realistic concerns. At a time when most physicians blindly accepted the advice of medical practice management "experts" and rushed headlong into the grasp of "corporatized" (HMO & Managed Care) medicine, we chose another path. We broke away from managed care plans, saw fewer patients, and lengthened our appointment time slots. Rather than handing over what little control we had left over the patient care environment to others, we took back complete control. We recruited the best ancillary staff, upgraded our general x-ray capability to meet orthopaedic subspecialty standards, hired our own brace and orthotics technician, and designed surgical treatment protocols with nothing but the patient’s interest in mind. We decided to become intimately involved in overseeing every facet of our patients’ interactions with our practice, from ensuring helpful and respectful service at our reception desk to accuracy and responsiveness on the part of our billing staff. In our practice, service is given equal priority to clinical expertise.

OUR MISSION, simply stated, is to maintain a medical practice environment in which we can treat you the way we ourselves would like to be treated if we were in your place. While most so-called "experts" say that this is simply not possible anymore, we do it every day! To these "experts" we say that the importance of a patient’s trust in their physician should never be underestimated.

We invite you to experience the best that private medicine has to offer.


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