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Dr. Sapega receives a variety of communications from patients, their family and website visitors. The following are actual letters received:

Hi Doctor Sapega,

Thank you so very much for your comprehensive and detailed consultation response. I have read your email several times. How unbelievably professional and kind of you to provide your advice to me and without charge as well. I am very grateful.

Sounds like my knee is in quite a state indeed! Although I am not looking forward to open surgery, I am now comforted that it is my only option and I can now move forward with the open surgeries, here in the U.K..

Lastly, I want to say thank you for your compassion and empathy. It is unfortunate but I have not come across that compassion from most other surgeons I have seen. Your response made me quite emotional and I have no doubt that your patients are very lucky to have you as their doctor. I wish you could be mine!

With my deepest gratitude,

Dear Doctor Sapega,

I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the delicate surgery you have done on my knee, which due to extensive scar tissue could not bend. So many surgeons I consulted before you were unable or unwilling to perform such a complex and tedious operation. But you had the necessary expertise. You had creativity, the willingness to think outside the box and create magic. Most of all, you had compassion and you saved my leg. You are a master of your craft.

As I see my leg bending better and better, as I see myself walking better and better each day, I am full of hope for the future. I will be forever grateful to you.


Dear Dr. Sapega,

I should not have been amazed that you responded to H.B's response to your expert opinion… However amazed and astonished as I was…your response took me back to the two appointments that I had with you. Thorough…honest and most important to me—compassionate!

As I stated… I am fighting for the right to have Dr. Sidor as my surgeon for my knee and shoulder. As Dr. S. (Gene) told me with my son Jonathan…when you have a serious problem that requires surgery…go across the bridge!! As a nurse we (my peers) shake our heads at the incompetent nature found amongst physicians here! Our inside joke is, "It must be the water in New Jersey!

As soon as I possibly can, I am going to return to you once more. As I stated from my right knee just going out from under me without any warning I have broken my right foot, which I am told now will never be the same…but that is coming from a doctor based here in NJ. I do not know if having both my knees having been injured with my numerous falls…has any further change due to the trauma sustained. At this point and juncture…I trust no other opinion other than yours. I just cannot imagine where I would be at this present without you and the vast knowledge you have openly stated…often giving Dr. B. the benefit of the doubt so graciously. It is the man that you are and the values that you were raised with that blesses not only myself but all patients who have come to you for help.

I am looking forward to our next consultation and know I will again…walk away assured by the truth of my need for treatment. Until then…may the Lord watch over and bless you and all that you love…and always may he be at your side as a most amiable, knowledgeable and compassionate surgeon and physician.

Most Sincerely,


Dear Dr. Sapega,

I really appreciate you taking the time to diagnose my knee problems. I wanted to let you know how much the device is helping me. I'm already noticing a difference in my legs when I walk. Thank you so much for all your help.

God Bless you!



Hey Doc:

You'll recall reconstructing my ACL and repairing the meniscus along the way, in 1988 while at Penn. Having taken up tennis, I required an MRI to disclose a tear of the meniscus recently. However, I got a good look at your ACL which is strong and tight and great, after all those years of skiing and basketball. Thanks again for the phenomenal job you did for me.

J Ni

Sarasota, FL

Dear Dr. Sapega,

I really appreciate you taking the time to diagnose my knee problems. I wanted to let you know how much the device is helping me. I’m already noticing a difference in my legs when I walk. Thank you so much for all your help.

God Bless you!



Dear Dr. Sapega,

I would like to thank you for your careful and insightful analysis regarding my right knee, which I feel may have saved me from undergoing an unwarranted surgery that might have made my condition worse.

As you know, before coming to you I had seen two other orthopedists, who suggested I consider undergoing an anterior cruciate reconstruction to address the symptoms I was having as a result a severe motorcycle accident years ago. After spending a solid hour with me, you reached a different conclusion, finding first that I had piece of floating bone below my knee cap, and second that my knee instability was largely caused by a torn posterior cruciate ligament and other structures in the back of the knee -- things my prior examiners, sad to say, had not focused on. You showed me the instability in these locations, and it was undeniable. In fact, I had sensed it myself before coming to see you, and that is why I sought an additional opinion. In an eleven page report, you pointed out how having an ACL reconstruction alone would not address the main source of my knee instability, and might even cause my condition to deteriorate in the absence of repair of the other structures.

As you know, I ultimately followed your conservative recommendation of just having the floating piece of bone removed, and that has alleviated the pain and swelling I was having in the front of the knee. I am now more comfortable and able to function without further surgery. I know my knee will never be normal, but I am very glad you dissuaded me from undergoing a surgery that I feel certain would not have fully addressed my problems and might have made my condition worse -- something I definitely could not afford.

Thank you again for your help.




I am writing to you from Finland. I just wanted to thank you for your article on arthrofibrosis. On February 2008 I fell on a down hill ski slope and my ACL was ruptured and MCL partly ruptured and there was large bone contusion. My ACL was repaired with Hamstring technique 3 weeks after the injury.

After the operation it was soooooo painful but my doctor did not care. He was constantly accusing me of doing nothing. I am not a sports person but was trying as hard as I could. But with constant hard pain I couldn’t do much. My doctor said if I don’t bend my knee he has to perform a MUA and after that my knee will be even more painful! I was really mad. For the first time of my life I shouted to a doctor and went out of the room.

Luckily I have an excellent physical therapist who led me to another orthopaedic in another private hospital.

He told me that I had arthrofibrosis and asked me why was my knee was left to this state for 3 months. My knee movement was only between 10 to 40 degrees.

He immediately performed another operation and my knee was cleaned of all scar tissue. After surgery I got a CPM machine and I used it for 10 months, every day, for several hours.

I also did lots of different kinds of extension exercises. Now my knee bends normally and fully extends. I am still doing lot of work to extend my knee even little more, over extension for to be more like my other knee. But it is looking good.

No one told me much about this arthrofibrosis and for long time I thought I was to blame even if I tried so hard. Your article made me feel so much better, thank you about it!

With best regards,

A. K.

Hi Dr. Sapega,

This is Tracy M. You operated on both of my knees in 2007. I just wanted you to know that my knees have been doing much better than before the surgeries. I still have some problems, but definitely better! I was able to lose some weight last year (still have more to go). What I really wanted to tell you is… on Monday, June 8th I will be promoted to Sergeant! Though it was difficult at times, I am so glad I chose to have the surgeries, and I thank God that you were my surgeon! You, Tim, and all the ladies in the office were great! Thank you...
P.S. I got my motorcycle license and bought a bike the end of last year... hehe!

Tracy M.

Dear Dr. Sapega,

Goodness... I just want to say a heartfelt "thank you" for such an informative and easy to understand description and explaination of a meniscus tear on your website.  I now feel so much more informed on my own injury and feel much less apprehensive when I discuss this issue with the surgeon.   

Again, many thanks. 

S. S.
San Luis Obsipo, CA.


Dear Dr. Sapega,

It’s been a while since you have heard from me.  I just wanted to let you know that I am doing well.  I celebrated my birthday yesterday and spent some time with family on Thanksgiving  I am so thankful to you for repairing my knee and returning me to a more full life.  I’m working out, I’m working, I’m living!  I know that if my case manager had not urged me to come and see you, my life would not be like this right now.  I am still in awe that I can bend my knee.  It is such an amazing thing!  I didn’t think that I would bend ever again.  I can’t thank you and your team enough!  You really taught me a lot about my knee and you really made me feel like you cared about what my outcome was.  I appreciate you being honest about how much work it was going to be to get my best possible outcome.  It was hard but you gave me the best support!  You returned me back to my life.  Thank you so much!  I will never forget you and your staff.  Thank you so much…  I can’t say enough.  I’ve been back to work since March. I’ve been riding bikes and taking walks.  I’ve been icing my knee and taking it easy and taking Motrin.  I am very thankful.  I could never have been in this place without your help and expert skill and knowledge.  I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year! Thank you for everything!


ATTN: Mr. Richard, Workers Compensation Claims Department
cc: Dr. Sapega

Dear Richard,

My family’s firm has been a member of New Jersey Manufacturers since 1956.  We have stayed with NJM all these years because we believed it’s the best company for workmen’s compensation.

Fortunately our firm did not require very much of NJM expertise over the years.  That was up until last May when I myself fell and seriously injured my right knee.  When I called NJM the next workday the people there got me an appointment the same day with Dr. M.  Dr. M. ordered an MRI to be done.  Once the MRI was done and the results were obtained, Dr. M believed it would be in my best interest to see a surgeon that just specialized in knee reconstruction.

Mr. Donald of NJM made an appointment for me with Dr. Alexander Sapega to examine the test results and my knee.  After Dr. Sapega reviewed the MRI and examined my knee, he was optimistic that he could repair the damage the fall did.

Ms. Christine of NJM was just fabulous during what became a very difficult five to six months.  Two weeks after the surgery I came down with an intestinal infection.  The germ that gave me this infection seeded an infection through my bloodstream into the recent knee surgery.  Dr. Sapega and NJM never gave up on fighting the knee infection.  Unfortunately nothing was ever cultured in the first four weeks of the infection.  Through it all Dr. Sapega (who had given me his home phone number) and NJM did their utmost to battle the infection.  To make it harder on everyone, the antibiotic that was tried first, Vancomycin, I am allergic to and it had to be stopped.  After repeated cultures and specialized tests ordered by Dr. Sapega the germ was finally identified and the appropriate antibiotic for this specific germ was prescribed, which promptly cured the infection.  Through it all Dr. Sapega and NJM were fantastic.  I was informed later that the infectious disease doctor had only seen this germ outside of the GI tract once before and that patient died as a result of it.  I write this months after it happened, with a knee that now works well.  I am grateful to both Dr. Sapega (who makes you still believe that people become doctors to help people) and NJM for choosing such types of doctors.  As my dad said years ago “stick with NJM they’re the best.”  We did and I am very grateful.  I want to thank you and your personnel for being there when I needed you.



Dear Dr. Sapega,

This letter is long over due.  My husband and I wanted to send our sincere thanks to you, for the advice you provided to us regarding our son’s knee.  We also wanted to update you on his status.

If you recall, I emailed you back in June 2006 with questions.  Our 15 year old had a 3 cm detached OCD lesion.  We were feeling very overwhelmed, and almost proceeded with surgery in Utah, where the surgeon had planned on removing the fragment and replacing it with an OBI plug, and then weeks later Carticel surgery.  Due to your email response, we decided to cancel this surgery, and we were able to get an appointment with Dr. J.  ____.  On June 22nd, Dr. J. ____ performed his surgery, where he performed drilling, a bone graft, and reattached the lesion with bioabsorbable screws.

As of Monday, January 8th, his 6 month follow-up x-ray looked wonderful.  The only thing visible to my husband and myself were the vaguely noticeable white lines, which the Resident informed us was from the drilling that was done.  The cartilage surface appeared very smooth.

Our son, now 16, experiences no pain, and he has been given the clearance to participate in baseball this season (he is a left handed pitcher), with limitations on how much running he can do.  We can’t even begin to imagine what the outcome would have been if we had proceeded with the other surgeries.

We are so appreciative that you took the time to respond to our questions during this very stressful time.  Thank you so much for all of your help, and for your website, which proved to be extremely valuable in our situation.


W. & J. G.

Dear Dr. Sapega,

I hope all is well.  I just wanted to give you a follow-up on Chris P. You might remember that he is a lacrosse player. He sustained a non-contact ACL injury on his left knee about fifteen to twenty years ago. Evidently, you have a great picture of him getting this injury and that apparently you used it in all of your talks.

I saw him today for his other knee.  He has a little bit of an MCL issue, but he will do just fine.  The more important issue is that his left knee is, in a phrase, more normal than normal on the IKDC. He has full range of motion, no effusion, perfect stability and an x-ray that if you didn’t see the staples and the tunnels, you would never think anything was done. He has been thrilled with his knee over the years. He insisted that I send you his regards and thanks.

I hope to see you sometime at a meeting.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. E. B. H.


Dr. Sapega,

Please accept this in appreciation of your Sherlock Holmes approach to solving the mystery of knees.

Julia & Peter A.

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Dr. Sapega,

Here is a copy of the picture my mom took of us at my last office visit.

Thank you for giving my knee a new life!

Lauren O.

Dear Dr. Sapega, Dr. Sidor, Tim, Ronna, Kathy, Donna and the rest of the staff:

It has been a privilege and an honor for our firm to perform your medical transcription this past year. You are a wonderful group of people, and working with you and your fine practice is an absolute joy. We look forward to working with you more in 2005 and thank you so much for allowing us to be of service.

We wish each of you and your loved ones a truly joyous, healthy, happy and relaxing holiday!

P.T. and E.D.

P.S. It never ceases to impress me what an extraordinary and unique practice you have. The level of detail, commitment and care you provide is unlike anything I have seen in the field before. Best wishes for your continued success in 2005!

Dear Dr. Sapega,

I just finished reading your article on PVNS. Very interesting. I have just had my second knee surgery for PVNS on my left knee.

Do you do consults with other doctors regarding PVNS? I will pass your article and impressive resume along to my surgeon when I see him next week for post-op follow up. Thanks for your dedication to your profession and the information you have provided about PVNS. This is such a little known disease that any information available is wonderful for those of us who have it and for those of you who try and treat it!


Dear Dr. Sapega,

I just wanted to thank you very much for taking the time to help me determine the situation with my knee.  As you already know, I have been struggling for a while now with my left knee/leg.  You have been the only doctor to pinpoint the situation very quickly, which was very impressive.  I feel much better knowing the diagnosis of my left knee than continuing wondering what the problem is.  I just wanted to thank you and appreciate the time you dedicated to help me. 

Thanks again.  

Ms. J.S.R.

Dear Dr. Sapega:
I hope you remember me, [name removed]. I was married on 7/15/05. I hope all is well with you - I am doing very well.

At this point in time my knee is ok. I am 110% better since I have known you and your amazing knowledge and ability. However, I am lacking about 10 degrees but only when I walk. Here and there my knee does give out on me

I do have issues with walking a long distances and I believe this relates to the fact that I am unable to extend my leg all the way. Parking in the handicapped areas makes being out wherever a lot easier for me.

Alexis O

Dear Dr. Sapega,

I wanted to say thank you, for doing the best you could in your effort last year to repair my damaged knee. I was fortunate to have such a gifted individual care for me.

You need to know that what you do is appreciated and not taken for granted. People always seem to dwell on negative aspects of your effort to help them. Yeah, my knee is not able to handle what it used to, swells up after a few hours on it. I remember your advice, apply ice! It’s a daily ritual, no magic pill to make it better.

Dr. B. is handling my post surgical care. He says you’re brilliant, best in your field. Coming from someone voted best in his field by his peers, it’s a professional compliment I feel you need to hear.

Speaking of compliments, I have the pleasure of knowing a friend of yours; _____________. He’s a friend of my aunt. I was talking to him at a graduation party for my aunt’s son. I mentioned your name in conversation over my accident. Small world. It was interesting hearing about your days at Penn. He praised your accomplishments during the entire conversation.

No one speaks badly of you, including me, a grateful patient of yours.

Truly yours,
Tommy C.

Dear Dr. Sapega,

I just want you to know what a difference you made in my life. Your kindness, professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond will never be forgotten.


Dear Dr Sapega

I felt I had to write to let you know how much help you've been, even though we've never met. My wife suffered a severe case of arthrofibrosis in her right knee after "routine" knee surgery in January 2001. Her original surgeon tried to solve the problem with a manipulation under anesthesia in March 2001, but it gave limited results. At that time her extension was limited to about 25 degrees, and her flexion to 60 degrees. We changed surgeons, and he performed three more surgeries and another manipulation under anesthesia to try to solve the problem. Those helped get her extension to 5-10 degrees, but her flexion was still 60-70 degrees.

In February 2002 I found the "Knee and Shoulder Center" website, and read your excellent article titled "Arthrofibrosis (Stiff Knee Syndrome). I showed it to our surgeon, and together we laid out a plan based on the techniques and follow up procedures you described. To make a long story short, I'm happy to report that your techniques worked for my wife. After her 5th surgery in March 2002 she was kept in the hospital for 4 days with epidural pain relief and constant CPM. She used a CPM machine at home for another 3 weeks in between physical therapy sessions. She also followed a daily stretching routine. She now has extension of about 5 degrees, and active flexion of about 95 degrees. She can be manually pushed to 110 degrees flexion after stretching. Thanks to your article my wife now has a nearly normal life again. She still has a lot of rehabilitation ahead of her, and she isn't ready for hikes in the woods yet, but she's far better than at any time during the past year. The important thing is that her knee is not scarring down again as it did in the past.

I imagine you may wonder whether anyone reads the information you put on the Internet, and if there is any value in doing it. I can tell you that in my wife's case your article was invaluable! You have our sincere thanks for writing it and posting it on the Internet. Although we didn't bring our "business" to your facility, I hope you get some satisfaction in knowing that you've made a big difference in someone's life.

Thank you very much!

Al and Lynn P.

Dr. Sapega,

Every day I go to work. Every step I take, I thank you all over again. Thanks to your heart, skill and wonderful mind, I am doing things I never thought I'd do again! I am a working EMT! May God bless you! Also may this season find you happy. Thank you again!


For: Dr. Sapega

The letter of my experiences and recommendation for my surgeries:

I asked Dr. Sapega if I could write this letter to help inform other patients with knee problems of my experience. I am a 25 year old, very active female who began developing knee problems in both knees about 3 1/2 years ago. I saw a specialist who was well known, highly recommended and a sports doctor for knees at a large institution in Philadelphia, for almost 3 years. At first I was having pain under the knee caps and slight pain in my patellar tendons. I tried physical therapy off and on and all sorts of other treatments for well over a year at multiple facilities. Before transferring my care to Dr. Sapega I tried stimulation, high volt, exercise, no exercise, strength building for my leg muscles, cortisone, topical cortisone, aqua therapy, McConnell taping, nerve blocks, knee braces, Synvisc shots and experimental calcium and dead tissue needle scrapings using ultrasound guidance. I have had 3 of these ultrasound procedures on my right knee and 2 on my left. Since my first one in January of '99 I went continually downhill. My patellar tendon pain went from a mere second thought behind the under-the-knee-cap pain to unbelievably excruciating pain. I was told I had arthritis, patellar tendonitis and R.S. D. Minor daily activities like walking up a flight of stairs or walking across a parking lot were unbearable. I had a tough time with any physical activity. The treadmill and the eliptical trainer were very tough and I couldn't even handle 2 minutes on the exercise bike. I became overmedicated several times orally, and following the needles I was temporarily not only a walking zombie but had no energy and became almost immune to nerve blocks. As time passed my spirit was diminishing. I was displeased and disheartened with the treatments, continued ultrasound-needle surgeries, shots, drugs, pain and how my daily life was miserable due to my knees. I also became more and more discouraged at the philosopshies of my physician and his practice. I was more like a number than an individual patient. As my Dad once said, it was like "McDonalds medicine". I began actively searching the New York and Philadelphia areas for a new knee specialist. I needed a new perspective and different treatment to restore my life to as close to pain-free as possible.

After my last needle procedure in May of 2001, wearing a knee brace while out grocery shopping with my mother, a man noticed my brace and came up to me out of the blue and asked me about my knee condition. We had a nice conversation about knees, our treatments and physicians. I was utterly amazed at the enthusiasm he had for his doctor, (Dr. Sapega) especially since I had the complete opposite about mine. I was so curious that I went home and checked out Doctor Sapega's website. I was intrigued and pleased with his philosophies on medicine. I only became more intrigued when he spent well over an hour with me going over my complicated medical history at my first visit. I have seen many different doctors within my old doctors' office ( he has many revolving residency doctors ) and Dr. Sapega amazed me with logical questions that no doctor had ever asked me in the prior 3 1/2 years! This was the first time I had not seen confusion and bewilderment on a doctor's face. I still remember how he left me that afternoon when I was to get more recent X-rays and MRI's, he said " this is an interesting case, but probably solvable." That was the first time in a very long time I had some hope for a normal life. At this point I was ready to rush into surgery and get it over with, but Doc is logical and conservative, he wanted to completely review all of my medical records, old and new X-rays and MRI's, past treatments and new options for treatment. Dr. Sapega ultimately realized that I was at what he called the " top of the treatment pyramid". I had only two options at that point - either to try to live with things as they were or surgery (which no one else had ever recommended even though my MRI's showed deteriorated zones in both my patellar tendons). The surgical option was to do the scope under the knee caps to see what was there, to repair the tendons by cutting and removing their damaged parts and possibly giving both knees lateral releases to ease the pressure on my knee caps. We discussed every aspect of not only the surgery but also the post-surgery expectations and recovery. I was very comfortable going through the surgery with Doctor Sapega. He did the complete procedure himself. With many doctors today, a patient can't really sure who is actually operating on them if they are one of three surgeries going on at the same time. I was scheduled alone and with enough time for Dr. Sapega to work on me as if I was a family member. I admit I was nervous about the results of surgery, as nothing else had worked before.

I had the surgeries on both knees on August 3, 2001. Almost immediately afterwards I felt relief. For the first time in years I was not in pain. The surgeries were a success and Dr. Sapega was as pleased as I was. He said I was a very lucky case though. I proceeded to walk without any assistance and followed my recovery program to the tee, but pushing beyond a slight bit to recover quicker and stronger. One thing I must mention after my experience with my old physician is how available Dr. Sapega was following the surgery. Being a nervous person and having normal post-surgery concerns I called his office several times and he was very efficient in getting back in touch with me. I am writing this letter one day shy of 11 weeks following surgery, after two months of physical therapy and I have never felt better. Now as part of my recovery program I am using the treadmill, elliptical fitness trainer and exercise bike for a half hour each. I am happy that this spring I will be able to get a mountain bike and for the first time since I was a child, enjoy biking. I have finally achieved a normal and almost pain-free life. I continue to get better every day. I am so pleased to have met that man in the parking lot of the grocery store and for Dr. Sapega. Now I know what that man was raving about. As a final note I would like to thank Dr. Sapega for giving me my life back.


Dr. Sapega,

I just wanted to say thanks, two years later, for the time you spent with me patiently explaining your analysis of what was wrong with my knee. Three other orthopedic surgeons didn't spend the time looking at my MRI or talking with me the way that you did. One of them, in fact, told me I needed surgery. The second just kind of blew me off. The third said he really didn't know what to do. So, thank you. You've earned my gratitude and many recommendations to others with knee problems.

God bless,
Shannon P.

Dear, dear Alex,

We can never thank you enough for giving me my life back. I never imagined I would ever walk normally -- and without pain! We can never thank you enough. They haven’t quite nailed down the auto-immune disease yet – but it is looking more and more like lupus. Thank goodness my leg's fixed or I would not be able to deal with all of it. Doctor C. just said no to our 3 month Australia trip this Feb – but my leg is better than new thanks to you!

Very Sincerely,
Christine P. & Don B.

Dear Doctor Sapega:

I hope you will find it in your heart to excuse the long interval between the extraordinary care you provided me in August, and this letter. I've been out using my knee a great deal lately, and I've been having so much fun that I've let letters and bills pile up.

I thought about writing you a number of times prior to your secretary's kind note, and I hope you'll forgive my unconscionable delay.

I danced on the knee you fixed so beautifully at my best friend's wedding, and asked him to bear witness to its outstanding performance (if not mine) on the dance floor.

In fact, the surgery was done so remarkably well that I was walking without a cane in two days – and back out windsurfing exactly one month to the day that you fixed it. I flew back to San Francisco for Labor Day weekend, and I did have to sail pretty conservatively – kept the board on the water for the most part, and sailed the smooth swells under the Golden Gate rather than the less forgiving surf off the coast – but the knee felt great.

By the weekend of October 15th I was windsurfing the Columbia River Gorge fully rigged and getting (as the boardheads say) great air – the knee took it all beautifully. I pounded the hell out of myself in high wind for two days and left grinning like a four-year-old who'd been at the zoo all day. It was a thoroughly redemptive experience and a great relief – compared with after my injury when I was afraid I would never be able to really sail hard again.

I am deeply grateful to you, Dr. Sapega, for the remarkable work you did on my knee. You have put me back in action doing the things I love, and even forestalled the cruel advance of time a little bit. I am more than a little chagrined that I let time advance this far before thanking you – and I hope you read this note knowing that you've got a fan for life.

Thank you.

Mark L.

Dear Dr. Sapega:

I want to thank you for your kind care of my son John and his anterior cruciate ligament. He has been delighted with all the time and attention you have devoted to him, particularly in view of the long, tedious recovery process.

Please let me know if I can ever return the kindness.


Neal N., M.D.
Professor & Chair

Dear Dr. Sapega,

I am amazed, impressed, and very grateful to you for the excellent surgery you have done on my son's leg. You carried us through this difficult time with candor, hope and professional expertise which will stay in my memory, and in Jon as your living proof – a tribute to your art and skill.

Accept my heartfelt thanks. I will remember you in my prayers, that your medical practice will always be so successful and your discernment so accurate as with Jonathan.

Ann B.

Dear Dr. Sapega,

I just wanted to let you know how my knee was holding up. You operated on it in January.

This past Saturday I completed my first triathlon. My knee feels fine. As a matter of fact I can't remember which knee you operated on.

You have done a great job. Thank you.

Mark A.

Dear Dr. Sapega,

I wanted to thank you, once again, for the care and concern that you've had for Rob since he began seeing you. I have honestly never had the privilege of meeting a physician whose medical skills and personal concern for the patient reach the level of excellence as yours. I can't tell you how grateful I am for the generous time that you spent with both Rob and us and, especially, for your very warm and understanding way of handling our questions and concerns.

If there is any good that resulted from Rob's injury, it is that he has had the privilege of observing the quintessential talented, dedicated, and compassionate physician in action. I hope that Rob will remember not only your demand for excellence in medical technique and skill, but your kindness, patience, and genuine concern for your patients and their families.

Thank you for being everything a medical student should aspire to and for providing the perfect role model, both personally and professionally, for my son.

Chris T.

P.S.: Mainly, though, thank you for his new knee. The NFL thanks you, too, because obviously this kid has a shot at the pros now. So I definitely owe you one. Doc.

Dear Alex:

I want to thank you for the tremendous interest and concern you showed in evaluating my son, Andrew during early December. I was most impressed by the thoroughness of your evaluation, the clarity of your recommendation and your obvious knowledge in the area; it is clear why others in Orthopaedic Surgery directed me to you for this evaluation!

After much consideration, Andrew has decided to wear the knee brace regularly while active, but not undergo surgical repair of the medial meniscus until this summer. Frankly, I question the wisdom of that decision because I would hate to see this peripheral tear extend into to something more central that might end up requiring excision rather than repair. However, he is balancing the urgency for surgery versus a number of other factors that relate to his life in the Northwest, and he believes that it is necessary to delay this operation for approximately six months. When he does decide to have the operation performed, then he will return to Philadelphia so that you can care for him on that occasion. In the meantime, let's both cross our fingers that the delay will not result in any untoward event!

Again, thank you so much for your thoughtful caring approach with Andrew.

Warm regards,
David L., M.D.

Dr. Sapega,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate the time you spent with me this past Friday. Not many people would have been so kind as you to thoroughly explain to me about my knee and answer all of my questions. It means a great deal.

It was a pleasure meeting you — thank you again.

Meg P.

Dear Dr. Sapega,

I want to take a moment to thank you for the care you have given my son, Jim. I especially appreciate your efforts to be in touch with us after the surgery. My son wondered why I was worrying about something that I had no control over (the surgery). I told him that it was a mother's prerogative. The helpfulness of the caregivers involved has gone a long way in reassuring me. I have been so impressed with the pleasant, caring attitude of the people that I have spoken with on the phone, that I would be remiss if I didn't at least attempt to express my gratitude.

Thank you—
Barbara M.

Dear Dr. Sapega,

I am writing to thank you for the extraordinary care and confidence which you administered to my son Patrick and his injured knee. It is a pleasure to work at a University which houses a first rate medical school. If there is ever anything that I can do for you or your service please feel free to call. My family and I are in your debt.

Anne J.
Professor and Dean

Dr. Sapega,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the outstanding service I received under your care. You are a brilliant surgeon, Steve (Physician Assistant) was extremely helpful and the entire staff were always kind and helpful.

My most sincere gratitude for your services.

Francisco O.

Dr. Sapega,

I hope everything is going well for you and your family. My knee is doing wonderfully, and only bothers me when the weather is damp, or if I don't exercise regularly.

I'm getting married in three weeks and am very happy and excited.

I feel fortunate to have had my surgery performed by such a warm and compassionate doctor. I can tell you that this is truly rare, and I will always remember your kindness. I hope your holiday is wonderful, and best wishes for the New Year.

Best Wishes,
Lori H.

Dear Alex:

I am pleased to share with you a copy of a letter from Richard Z. expressing his appreciation for the attention he recently received under your care. As you know, Richard is a friend of mine and, in this regard, I am especially thankful for your involvement and expertise.

The caring and professionalism with which our physicians carry out their responsibilities significantly contributes to our positive image. You have brought us closer to our goal of becoming one of the top five academic medical centers in this country.

Dear Bill,

I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I have undergone my knee surgery and have nothing but the highest praise for Dr. Alex Sapega and his team. My knee feels like it can actually stand up to the things that I demand of it!

I hope that I may get the chance to show you how good it is on skis this year.

Again, very many thanks for your recommendations and assistance.

Yours Sincerely,

Thank you for your efforts.

W.K., M.D.
Medical Dean




Dear Dr. Sapega

. . . . If it weren't for you, I'd be in surgery again by Dr. C. He said "it's common to miss it" – just go back again and remove it . . . Dr. F. was going to do the same—they both said – that was all and I'll be fine . . .

Thank God you were there to save me from that again. .

Thank you,

Hey Doc,

Just wanted to say hi. I have an appt. scheduled on the 15th in K of P, just a check up.

The knees have been cranky; could be the change in weather. My boss tore his meniscus in a motorcycle accident, I told him if he needed surgery (more than a scope) to get a second opinion from you. My case goes to trial soon. I had to go through a six hour deposition. I did my best but at the end I told Dr. ________'s attorney that someone was lying if they told me they checked those x-rays during any of the 5 office visits (except for the last.) I also told them that you had no negative comments to say about their care and that you suggested that I go back to them to discuss my condition and future options.

Anyway, I saw the article about how medical mistakes are killing people (duh!) and I thought that if there were more doctors like you with your commitment to patients as people and not procedures, this would not be as big of an issue. I am eternally grateful for the medical care you have given me through the years but also the way you've treated Shelly and I with dignity and respect.

Best Regards,


Dear Dr. Sapega,

Although I know I'll see you again, I wanted to write to thank you for all of your help from seeing us early Tuesday despite the snow and your car problems, for spending so much time with us answering all of our questions, for allowing Monica and I to speak with each other on the telephone during the surgery and, in general, for your professionalism and easy direct manner.

We know the extra time and commitment it takes to practice the way you do because we try to conduct our practices that way. We appreciate all you've done-it make a difficult experience much easier.

Thanks again,


Monica says "hello"

Dear Dr. Sapega,

Like you, I value professionalism and you are the new benchmark by which your colleagues should, in the future, be judged.

When it is very nearly a national pass time to pillory and to vilify the medical profession, your caring professionalism outshines any detractors of your profession.

I appreciate and value all you have done and tried to do to improve my condition.


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